After running the program as a full version and working with it for a certain period of time, an error message appears when saving the file, saying that the authorization failed. What is the reason and how can I save my file anyway?


First information beforehand: If you run the program as a full version, it does not jump into the demo mode if the license cannot be found during the calculation or saving process.
It remains in a waiting mode until the license is available again.

It is then necessary to distinguish the type of licensing.
  • Single-user license
  • Network license
In the case of a single-user license, you should check whether the hardlock was installed on the computer, and whether the indicator light situated at the end of the dongle is visible. If not, you should use another USB port, preferably directly on the PC.

In the case of a network license, the problem might be caused by a failure in the network connection. In the web-based license user interface http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html, you should check if the license key is available.
Furthermore, it is possible to look at http://localhost:1947/_int_/features.html to see if a free license is available for the respective program or add-on module.

If the licensing problem persists, you can create a diagnostic report from the warning message. Send it to our customer support.


Warning No. 47 Warning No. 50 Program authorization failed Demo mode Sentinel key not found

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