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A new possibility for evaluating results is now available in RFEM: It's the load distribution.

The graphical representation of the load distribution can be activated by ticking the check boxes in the Results navigator. You can choose the forces and moments that you want to be displayed on either the FE nodes or the finite elements. Use this option to check the input of loads in the respective load case. This function may be useful especially for checking the entered data when entering free loads.

In the example, there are 3 sub‑surfaces of the system where you see a free concentrated load of 80 kN each entered in the center of the respective surface. The right window shows the loading input. By mistake, one of the free loads was applied twice, which is not visible at first glance in the representation of the loading: A free concentrated load is displayed with 80 kN on each sub‑surface.

It would be possible to locate the mistaken input by means of Table 3.6 Free Concentrated Loads. As an alternative you can use the described possibility for representation showing the load distribution. If it is activated, you can see in the left window that the concentrated load was entered twice in one of the three sub‑surfaces (load in FE nodes, Fz = 160 kN).


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