Design of Shear Joint

Tips & Tricks

As of RFEM 5.04.0058, the design of a shear joint is included in RF‑CONCRETE Members. In order to perform this design, you should select the ‘Shear joint available’ check box in Window 1.6, tab Shear Joint.

In this tab, you can also define the location, roughness, possible reduction of joint width and possible stress perpendicular to the joint surface. The settings apply to the respective members selected in the reinforcement group. If it is necessary to define different properties of shear joint members to be designed, you can create several reinforcement groups in Window 1.6.

In addition to entering shear joint properties, the new ‘Details’ dialog box provides a global check of the analysis method for shear stress in shear joints. On one hand, there is the equation of Eurocode 2, Clause 6.2.5, and on the other hand, there is a general method, which determines the shear stress using the difference of longitudinal force in the added concrete part from general integration of stresses.


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