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20 September 2015



  • Cross-sectional area A
  • Shear areas Ay und Az with or without transversal shear
  • Centroid position yS, zS
  • Moments of inertia Iy, Iz, Iyz, Iu, Iv, Ip
  • Inclination of principal axes α
  • Radii of gyration iy, iz, iyz, iu, iv, ip
  • Torsional constant J
  • Cross-section weight G and cross-section perimeter U
  • Location of shear center yM, zM
  • Warping constants Iω,S, Iω,M
  • Max/min cross-section moduli Sy, Sz, Su, Sv und St
  • Plastic cross-section moduli Zy,pl, Zz,pl, Zu,pl, Zv,pl
  • Stress function according to Prandtl φ
  • Derivation of φ with respect to y and z
  • Warping ω

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Section properties, stress analysis, and reinforced concrete design of thick-walled cross-sections

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