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I am looking for a way to roll out RWIND using software deployment. Unfortunately I can not find an MSI file.


The RWIND installation program allows automated electronic software distribution, also known as a silent (unattended) installation. In the Silent mode, there is no need for a user to monitor the installation and provide input via dialog boxes. The Silent installation runs on its own, without any end-user intervention, which may be very useful when installing RWIND on a large number of computers, for example in a computer classroom.

The silent installation consists of two steps:

1. Recording parameters for the silent install. Run the setup with the -r parameter to select setup options and automatically record the InstallShield Silent Response File (Setup.iss).

2. Running the silent install (repeatedly). Once the Silent Response File is ready, you can run the setup with the -s parameter, which installs RWIND in the silent mode according to parameters stored in the Silent Response File.


Let's assume that you have downloaded RWIND installation program RWIND_2.02.2230.exe and saved it to N:\Tmp_RWIND directory on a shared network drive. You can then create two batchfiles for the silent install:

Batchfile N:\Tmp_RWIND\Silent_Install_RWIND_Record.bat for recording of installation parameters with content:

"N:\Tmp_RWIND\RWIND_2.02.2230.exe" /a /r /f1"N:\Tmp_RWIND\Setup.iss"

and batchfile N:\Tmp_RWIND\Silent_Install_RWIND_Play.bat for the silent install with content:

"N:\Tmp_RWIND\RWIND_2.02.2230.exe" /a /s /f1"N:\Tmp_RWIND\Setup.iss"

Run Silent_Install_RWIND_Record.bat from one of your computers and create the InstallShield Response File (Setup.iss) in N:\Tmp_RWIND directory. Note that you can also create/edit the response file manually in a text editor (Notepad.exe). After creating the Response file, you can run Silent_Install_RWIND_Play.bat on all other computers to install RWIND silently.

You can also download the batchfiles here FAQ 005346 | Silent Installation RWIND but remember that you have to modify them according to your real names and paths.

Note that these batchfiles require elevated privileges, i.e. to run the batchfile, click on the file by right mouse button and select "Run as Administrator".


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