Multi-Story Residential Buildings in Krakow, Poland

These designed multi-story residential buildings with commercial units on the ground floor and a one‑story underground parking garage are located in Krakow, Poland.

The building consists of four segments with a common foundation plate and underground level extending beyond the outline of the aboveground structure.


The four buildings are connected by expansion joints in the aboveground section, but have a common foundation plate. The three higher segments with a height of 167.6 ft consist of 16 aboveground floors. The fourth segment has a height of about 85 ft and has 8 stories. All the segments have a common underground level extending beyond the outline of the aboveground structure.

Maisonettes are designed for the last 16 floors in each of the higher segments (the second levels are mezzanines).

At the garage level, the building is 316.8 ft long. It is 177.2 ft wide in the curved part and 93.2 ft in other areas. At ground level the dimensions of the left segment are 143 × 171 ft and 139.5 × 68.9 ft in the right segment. The height of the underground garages varies (in the top levels of the ceilings) from 12.3 to 15.1 ft. The height of the commercial area varies from 9.8 ft to 12.6 ft.

The foundation plate is 39 3/8 inches thick in the residential area and 31 1/2 inches in the courtyard (with local thickening in the column areas and passageways). The exterior garage walls are reinforced concrete with a thickness of 9 27/32 inches.

The underground floor located at the garage level is designed entirely as a monolithic slab with a slab-column system, with deep beams used as columns. Reinforced concrete walls were introduced at the entrance area of the garages and work as stiffeners in the vehicle traffic area – staircases and lift cores. In addition, they separate the technical facilities. The internal reinforced concrete walls are generally 9 27/32 inches thick, no less than 7 7/8 inches. The thickness of the lift core walls is 5 29/32 inches.

The aboveground floors are designed as a combined slab-wall system. On the ground floor, the system is complemented by columns. All floor slabs are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete slabs.

On the ground floor level, there are slabs designed with a thickness of 8 21/32 inches in the commercial part and 11 13/16 inches over parts of the garage. The latter extends beyond the outer walls of the aboveground structure. The floor slabs are 8 21/32 inches thick and are designed as continuous, cross-reinforced slabs.

The structural system for the residential part is a slab-wall system. Wherever possible, the load-bearing walls on the last 5 floors of every segment are designed as masonry walls made from silicate blocks.

The individual dwellings are separated by non-load-bearing masonry walls made from silicate blocks. The balcony and loggia slabs on the residential floors are 7 3/32 inches thick. The stairway walls are made of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 7 7/8 inches to 9 27/32 inches. The flights of stairs that run through all floors are designed as two flights. The thickness is 7 3/32 inches for the landings and stairs.

Each segment of the structure is rigid because of the combination of the reinforced concrete walls that separate dwellings and the reinforced concrete walls of the vehicle traffic areas of the parking garage.

Structural Engineering MGM Konstrukcje Inżynierskie s.c.
Kraków, Poland

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 13829
Number of Lines 21439
Number of Members 112
Number of Surfaces 5427
Number of Load Cases 62
Number of Load Combinations 12
Number of Result Combinations 2
Dimensions 327.46 x 181.56 x 188.78 feet
Program Version 5.03.00

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