Moritzplatz Demonstrator, Augsburg

The German "Digital Timber Construction" (DTC) Lab headed by Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller has recently completed an impressive showcase of its research activities.

The timber gridshell was designed for the annual #Stadtgewaechs summer event, hosted by the municipal savings bank in Augsburg, and is a true eye-catcher. The timber extends over an impressive length of more than 49 ft, forming an elegant and modern structure.

The shell's load-bearing capacity and stability were analyzed using Dlubal's structural analysis software RFEM before fabrication was initiated.

In 2022, a similar project was conducted, which has been further developed for 2023 and enhanced by innovative expertise. Thus, it was possible to increase the span from 22.9 ft to 49.2 ft, and the shell's area was increased from 215.3 ft² to 1,367 ft².

Due to the larger scale, the responsible persons handed over the professional fabrication of the timber components and the assembly to the CLTech company in Kaiserslautern, Germany. To bridge the gap between research and actual construction, modern timber construction machines were deliberately integrated.

It is a very nice, successful construction project!

Location Moritzplatz
86150 Augsburg, Germany
Proprietor Stadtsparkasse Augsburg
Design and Engineering Digital Timber Construction DTC, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Team: Dr. Hamed Karimian A., Amin Adelzadeh, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller
Timber Structure CLTech GmbH Kaiserslautern
Stability Test IngPunkt Ingenieurgesellschaft für das Bauwesen
Research Support Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (FNR), TSI - Timber Structure Interface, Grant ID 2220HV001X

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 1509
Number of Lines 981
Number of Members 981
Number of Surfaces 0
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 1
Number of Load Combinations 0
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 5.178 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 13.295 x 4.345 x 14.681 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 43.62 x 14.26 x 48.17 feet

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