RFEM Add-on Modules

Various Add-on Modules for Versatile Use in RFEM

  • RFEM Add-on Modules for Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • RFEM add-on modules for steel construction
  • RFEM add-on modules for timber construction
  • RFEM add-on modules for designing towers and masts
  • RFEM add-on modules for planning silos and storage tanks
  • RFEM add-on modules for planning in timber construction and laminate construction
  • RFEM add-on modules for glass construction
  • RFEM add-on modules for planning cranes and crane runways

Reinforced Concrete Structures

Add-on modules for reinforced concrete structures perform design of members and surfaces according to various international standards. In addition, it is possible to perform nonlinear analysis (cracked concrete) as well as design prestressed concrete structures.

Steel and Aluminium Structures

Add-on modules for steel and aluminum structures perform design of members and surfaces according to Eurocode (including numerous National annexes) and various international standards.

Timber Structures

Here is a list of RFEM add‑on modules available for timber structures.

These modules design members and surfaces according to Eurocode 5 and other international standards.

Glass Structures

The RF‑GLASS add‑on module is available for the structural analysis program RFEM and performs the design of glass structures such as panes consisting of laminated and insulated glass.

Towers and Masts

For RFEM, there are various add‑on modules available for continuous planning of lattice towers.

The modules provide automatic generation of structures and loading, determination of effective lengths, as well as design according to Eurocode.


For design of steel and timber connections, there are numerous add‑on modules available for RFEM. For example, it is possible to design rigid and hinged beam connections, column bases, hollow section and mast connections according to Eurocode 3.

Dynamic Analysis

RFEM provides a range of powerful add‑on modules for dynamic analysis.

Among other things, the modules perform seismic and vibration designs of buildings, calculation of machine foundations as well as natural frequency analysis of bridges and chimneys.

Piping Systems

For modeling and designing piplines, there are the RF‑PIPING and RF‑PIPING Design add‑on modules available in RFEM.

Piping analysis can be performed for the entire structure, that is in interaction with the support structure.

Tensile Membrane Structures

The structural analysis software RFEM allows for form‑finding and design as well as cutting of tensile membrane structures.

The calculation is performed according to the large deformation analysis.


Here is a list of other useful RFEM add‑on modules for structural analysis. For example, they can perform the generation of imperfections, stability analysis, design of laminate surfaces, plastic design, consideration of state of construction, and much more.

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