In RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, I cannot set the deformation analysis because the tab is missing. Why is that?


In order to calculate the deformations in cracked state in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces, it is necessary to select at least one load case or combination in the 'Serviceability Limit State' tab in Window '1.1 General Data' (see Figure 01).

In the lower part of the window, specify whether the method of check should be 'Analytical' or 'Nonlinear'.

  • If 'Analytical...' is selected, it is necessary to activate the 'Deflection with RF‑CONCRETE Deflect' option in the detailed settings (see Figure 02).
  • If 'Nonlinear...' is selected, the design of deformations can also be found under the detailed settings. The 'deformation' is activated here by default (see Figure 03).

You can find more information about the deformation analysis with RF‑CONCRETE Deflect and RF‑CONCRETE NL on our website under the corresponding product description.


Deflect State II Deformations SLS Cracked state Deformation analysis



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