I get an error message saying that there is no material assigned to one or more point elements. How can I solve the problem?


In order to prevent the error message (Figure 1) to appear, and ensure that the calculation will start, it is necessary to assign the material to the corresponding point elements as follows:

Figure 01 - Error Message "Material Not Defined"

  • Right-click the entire cross-section: "Reduce Cross-Section into Elements," see Figure 02.
Figure 02 - Reduce Cross-Section into Elements

  • Select the corresponding elements or all point elements with the "Insert" status by using the Views navigator, because these can be only used to define the material (in contrast to the point elements with the "Remove" status).
  • Assign the corresponding material and click OK to confirm, see Figure 03.
Figure 03 - Edit Point Element

  • Deactivate the visibility.
  • Select all elements and right-click one of the selected elements: "Create Cross-Section from Selected Elements," see Figure 04.

Figure 04 - Create Cross-Section from Selected Elements


Error message Point element Material


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