Not Valid/Deactivated Punching Nodes

In the table of the objects to be designed in the Concrete Design add-on, punching nodes are listed in the not valid/deactivated column, although I have defined them as punching nodes. How can I fix this?


There can be several reasons for this error.

Missing Surface Reinforcement

In the surface with the punching nodes is no reinforcement available.

You can find out how to create surface reinforcement here: Surface Reinforcement

Missing Dimensions

In RFEM 6, the geometry of punching nodes is usually determined using the cross-section of the connected structural component (wall, column). If a slab or a plate is designed separately within a 2D positional analysis and thus no walls or columns in the form of surfaces or members exist in the model, RFEM cannot automatically determine the structural component dimensions. In this case, it is necessary to manually enter the dimensions:

Not Supported Nodes

In the case of punching nodes that are not supported by a nodal nor linear support, the dimensions of the connected components can be defined via the ultimate configurations.

More information can be found here: Ultimate Configurations (Punching)

Supported Nodes

In the case of punching nodes that are supported by a nodal nor linear support, which represent a connected component, you can specify the dimensions in the support settings.

More information can be found here:
Fictitious Columns (Nodal Supports) | Fictitious Wall (Line Supports)

Not Valid Nodes

In the punching nodes are located in the middle of a line load or a line support, no punching shear occurs. Therefore, these nodes are indicated as not valid.


After calculating the results for the Concrete Design add-on, the error messages for invalid punching nodes are displayed in the table.


Mr. Gutmann provides technical support for Dlubal Software customers.