Creating Parametric Cross-Section

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The stand-alone program SHAPE‑THIN determines characteristic values and stresses of any thin‑walled cross‑sections. Graphic tools and features allow for modelling complex cross‑section shapes. In addition to the graphical input, it is also possible to enter the data in tables. As an alternative, you can import a DXF file and use it as a basis for further modelling. Also, each cross‑section can be entered using the cross‑section library of Dlubal Software and combined as a part with the user-defined elements.

Often, there is the requirement to display cross-section rows, that is, the same cross-sections with different dimensions. Parameters allow you to quickly and easily change the cross-section dimensions. The parameters can be used in formulas to determine a numerical value. The formulas are edited in the Formula Editor. If a parameter is modified in the parameters list, the results of all formulas using this parameter are adjusted.

Parameter List

The parameters are managed in the parameter list. To open the relevant dialog box, use the [Edit Parameters] button in the toolbar of an input table or in the formula editor.

Formula Formula Editor Parameters Parameter List



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Section properties, stress analysis, and plastic design of open and closed thin-walled cross-sections

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