To what extent does RFEM consider the inserted reinforcement in the determination of the stress or internal forces? Is the entered reinforcement only taken into account by the additional module RF-CONCRETE Surfaces?


When determining area tensions or section sizes in RFEM, the entered reinforcement is initially ignored.
RFEM uses an isotropic linear-elastic material model.

Optionally, you can use the RF-CONCRETE NL module to carry out a non-linear design in the serviceability limit state in the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces module. Here you can define an existing reinforcement before dimensioning.
The module determines a non-linear stiffness taking into account the inserted reinforcement and the cracked state.

You can then optionally export this non-linear stiffness to RFEM and activate it for the recalculation of the surface intersections for individual load cases and load combinations.


Concrete, non-linear design, reinforcement, existing base reinforcement, CONCRETE NL, concrete surfaces, cracked condition, condition II, surface section sizes, export, linear-elastic

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