Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge "Herzogsteg" in Eichstätt, Germany

A slender, elegant bridge for pedestrians and cyclists connects the old town and the hospital town of the large district town of Eichstätt, Germany. This customer project was awarded with the "Bavarian Engineering Award 2023" and the "Ernst & Sohn Engineering Construction Award 2024" – and rightly so, because it really is something special.

As the bridge connects the old town with the baroque buildings and the hospital city with the modern residential and commercial buildings, the visual and technical requirements were high. The risk of flooding and the special soil conditions required innovative solutions to create a structure that fully takes into account accessibility, river hydraulics, and potential flooding events.


Bergmeister Ingenieure designed the project using the Dlubal software RFEM. The bridge structure consists of flat-curved, plate-shaped reinforced concrete bending beams clamped to the abutments. The cross-section of the bridge thins out in streamlines towards the edges, thus meeting the requirements in the event of flooding. The bottom side of the brisge is also rounded in order to prevent damage from driftwood and tree trunks.

Grouted, slightly inclined small bored piles, designed at compression and tension, transfer forces through several meters of highly inhomogeneous artificial fill into the load-bearing gravel. The aim was to create a bridge structure that would provide a robust and low-maintenance connection between two banks without the need for sealing or surfacing. Durability is ensured by pure structural concrete with stainless steel reinforcement – a truly impressive customer project.

Location Altmühlbrücke Herzogsteg Bridge
Herzoggasse 10
85072 Eichstätt
Investor City of Eichstätt, Germany
Architect Arch. Christoph Mayr
J2M Mayr Metz Architekten Part GmbB, Munich, Germany
Object and Structural Design Bergmeister Ingenieure GmbH, Germany

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 336
Number of Lines 353
Number of Members 24
Number of Surfaces 46
Number of Solids 1
Number of Load Cases 19
Number of Load Combinations 4
Number of Result Combinations 17
Total Weight 476.655 tons
Dimensions 157.45 x 40.64 x 53.35 feet
Program Version 5.30.01

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