Metz Gym as Showcase of Engineering and Sustainability in Modern Construction, Metz, France

As part of the urban development of Metz, a new gymnasium is under construction, featuring advanced engineering techniques and a commitment to sustainability. The project combines LC spruce GL24h cross-beams, steel columns, and insulated concrete precast walls to ensure the stability of the structure. The timber roof structure serves as a support for the photovoltaic panels. The Dlubal customer BET Moselle Bois was responsible for the structural analysis and design.

The construction of the gym in Metz is based on modern technical design. The LC spruce GL24h cross-beams, chosen for their strength and durability, are fixed on metal columns, which are anchored on insulated concrete precast walls, thus favoring the effective thermal insulation of the structure.

The overall stability is ensured by the wind beams on the roof, as well as the stability beams on the gable and the facade. These structural elements withstand even the most extreme climatic loads.

A particularly innovative aspect of the project is the utilization of truss girders. They connect the areas with different levels of the cover sheets. This technical solution facilitates the harmonious integration of the entire building.

The connection between the steel column and the LC spruce cross-beams is done by web hinges and dowels. This method ensures a solid, durable connection between the individual elements of the structure.

The roof covering consists of a steel sheeting, an insulation, and high-quality waterproofing. Furthermore, the timber structure with the load-bearing rafters is designed to withstand the photovoltaic panels, and above all, to materialize the project’s commitment to renewable energy.

Finally, the double-stressed metal cladding completes the modern appearance of the gym, adding a contemporary twist to this large-scale structure. This project is a showcase of advanced engineering and a commitment to sustainability, providing the city of Metz with a sports facility that is functional, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Location Metz, France
Investor Metz City Council
Project Management Assistance MATEC
Project Management KL Architectes
Structural Engineering Office OMNITECH
Timber Engineering Office BET Moselle Bois
Fluids Engineering Office BICOME

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 962
Number of Lines 1212
Number of Members 1204
Number of Surfaces 14
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 6
Number of Load Combinations 62
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 120.631 tons
Dimensions 334.65 x 40.44 x 165.68 feet

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