Wooden Sculpture Edy in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Customer Project

Design aroma AG
Zurich, Switzerland
Timber construction A. Freund Holzbau
Samedan, Switzerland
Structural Analysis & FEM sblumer ZT GmbH
Graz, Austria
Digital Planning Design-to-Production GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland
Detailed Planning IHT Rafz Ingenieurholzbau + Holzbautechnik GmbH
Rafz, Switzerland

A 19‑meter‑high, walkable wooden skier named Edy was the symbolic figure of the World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz.

The monument is a large replica of the deceased skier Edy Reinalter from St. Moritz.

Edy the sculpture, with a total weight of 18 tons, accompanied all ceremonies in Kulm Park, such as projections, dance and climbing shows, and TV presentations.

The structure, consisting of more than 600 triangular and 2 1/8 in thick cross‑laminated timber panels, had its calculations done by the Austrian engineering office sblumer ZT GmbH using RFEM and the add‑on modules RF‑LAMINATE and RF‑COM. RF‑COM provided the option to transfer the internal forces to MS Excel in order to design connections and perform stress analyses.


The oversized skier is comprised of five- and six‑ply cross‑laminated timber panels that are connected together by approximately 20,000 screws. The skis are 49.2 ft long, about 6.6 ft wide and their total weight is more than 6 tons. The ski poles consist of two spruce trunks with a length of 46 ft and a diameter of 7 7/8 incentimetres each.

Edy is posed in a sleek curved position. To prevent him from overturning, a 39.4‑ft high tower supports him, hidden behind his back. This tower, which is made entirely of timber as well, is also a stairwell and provides access to three platforms inside the giant skier.

The impressive sculpture will be kept as a wooden World Cup monument, possibly at another location.

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