Expansion of the Orly Sud Airport, Paris, France

Customer Project

The expansion of the Orly Sud Airport aims at increasing the airport capacity and increasing passenger mobility between arrivals and departures especially for low-cost airlines. The expansion project in the south terminal was initiated by the company Groupe ADP.

Client Groupe ADP
Site Management Groupe ADP
Steel Structure Vinci Construction France
www.vinci-construction.fr and Blocotelha
Facades Vinci Construction France
www.vinci-construction.fr and SETAL
Structural Analysis Roux Ingénierie

Project Details

The extension of the Orly Sud terminal building includes a steel structure measuring approximately 541 ft long, 148 ft wide, and a maximum height of 69 ft. The floors consist of steel to concrete composite slab elements. The facade mainly includes tall glass panels. Lateral stability is ensured by steel frames in the transverse direction and bracing in the longitudinal direction.

Modeling and Design in RFEM

All structural elements (columns, downstand beams, purlins, cross beams, etc.) were modeled in RFEM. This amounted to more than 7,300 steel beams with a self-weight around 1,500 tons. RFEM’s powerful performance made it possible to calculate the overall structure according to second-order analysis with imperfections applied to members for stability considerations.

The nonlinear model included more than 250 load combinations accounting for various global imperfection directions. Steel design was completed in the RF-STEEL EC3 add-on module including the RF-STEEL Warping Torsion extension to also analyze the members with applied torsional moment.

The independent steel manufacturing company was able to easily extract the connection design forces at the member ends with use of the RFEM Viewer.

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  • Updated 19 November 2020

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RSTAB Steel and Aluminium Structures
STEEL EC3 8.xx

Add-on Module

Design of steel members according to Eurocode 3

Price of First License
1,480.00 USD
RSTAB Steel and Aluminium Structures
STEEL Warping Torsion 8.xx

Module Extension for STEEL EC3 and RF-STEEL AISC

Warping torsion analysis according to the second-order theory with 7 degrees of freedom

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