Bamboo Stalactite in Venice, Italy

The "Bamboo Stalactite" is a project representing Vietnam at the 16th edition of the Venice Biennale for Architecture, an international exhibition held every 2 years in Venice (Italy), in which architects from all over the world participate, presenting their projects.

Structural Design:

The way the bamboo is worked, folded, and tied gives the installation its particular shape, with a high esthetic impact and great solidity, without using nails.

It is a temporary bamboo building located in the Venetian Arsenal, with a floor plan shape that fits in a rectangle of 46.92 x 90.22 ft, reaching a maximum height of 19.69 ft. The stalactite-like structure is made up of a series of modules with a rhombic covering whose load-bearing structure is made up of two bamboo struts that are locked in place on a steel plate where two tubular elements are welded.

Wind is the governing action affecting the structure. The action was calculated assuming a partially opaque surface, as the "Bamboo Stalactite" is composed of a lattice consisting of bamboo members. Concrete ballasts hold back the wind's vertical and horizontal action. Since the structure has no foundation, the supports on the ground are defined as non-reactive to tension.

Venetian Arsenal
30100 Venice (VE), Italy
Investor Biennale di Venezia
Structural Design Ergodomus Timber Engineering
Architectural Design Vo Trong Nghia (VTN) architects

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 30
Number of Lines 62
Number of Members 62
Number of Surfaces 23
Number of Load Cases 9
Number of Load Combinations 4
Number of Result Combinations 1
Total Weight 28.686 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 28.708 x 15.498 x 6.588 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 94.19 x 50.85 x 21.61 feet
Program Version 5.14.01

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