Column Web Compression Stiffener

Exploring the Power of Column Web Compression Stiffeners in Steel Connections! 🔍

🚀 Recent analyses, both manual and numerical, unveil significant enhancements in steel joints. By integrating a full-depth compression stiffener into a steel column with beams bolted via an extended end plate, we've observed notable improvements. 🌉

📈 The inclusion of the stiffener not only curbs plastic deformation in the compression zone but also escalates the moment resistance by about 14% and ramps up the initial stiffness by a remarkable 16%! This aligns closely with our manual calculations using the component method. 💻

🏗️ Such findings are invaluable for steel joint designers, showcasing how a small change can yield substantial gains in performance and reliability. Dive deeper into our analysis and see how Dlubal Software's #SteelJoints add-on can elevate your steel design game! 🛠️

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