Structural FEA Software RFEM 6 | Load Generation

Structural Analysis & Engineering Software

The FEA program RFEM allows for quick and easy modeling, structural and dynamic calculation, as well as design of models with member, plate, wall, folded plate, shell, and solid elements.

Due to the modular software concept, you can connect the main program RFEM with the corresponding add‑ons in order to meet your individual requirements.

  • FEA Software RFEM 6

Quick and Easy Generation of Loads

Software of Reference

"We are completely satisfied with RFEM and with Dlubal Software team too. Keep it up!

We are in contact with a lot of engineers and with the team of research of structural wood at the Santiago of Compostela University and always talk about RFEM like the software of reference."

As a standard feature, RFEM includes helpful tools for generating wind, snow, and opening loads, etc., as well as for converting surface loads into member loads.


Generation of Snow Loads

The Snow Load Wizard can be used to generate snow loads as member loads or surface loads.

Additional snow loads such as snow overhang and snow guard can be taken into account as well.

The following standards are available:

  • European Union 1991-1-3 (incl. National Annexes)
  • Switzerland SIA 260

Generation of Wind Loads

Wind loads can be automatically generated as member loads or area loads (RFEM) on the following structural components:

  • Vertical walls
  • Flat roofs
  • Monopitch roofs
  • Duopitch/troughed roofs
  • Vertical walls with roof

The following standards are available:

  • European Union 1991-1-4 (incl. National Annexes)
  • Switzerland SIA 260

Generating Member/Line Loads from Area Loads

Area loads can be automatically converted into member loads or line loads (RFEM).

For member loads from area loads, a plane must be defined via corner nodes or cells must be selected in the graphic.


Generating Member Loads from Free Line Loads

For member models such as grillages, you can define free line loads (e.g. from conveyor belts) and transfer them proportionally to members.


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