RSTAB - Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

Service Contract

Service contracts

With the service contract, you can keep your Dlubal Software programs up to date. In this way, we provide regular updates as well as preferential treatment in the case of hotline support via e-mail and fax.

The Service Contract Pro provides additional support over the phone as well as online support using video-conference, if required.

First Steps with RSTAB

For users not familiar with the RSTAB program, we provide useful hints and tips here in order to facilitate your introduction to our programs.

  1. Download Trial Version

    Dowload Trial Version

    If you do not want to purchase the RSTAB license, you can download the 30-day trial for free. In this way, you can put the full version of the program to the acid test.

  2. Introductory Example

    The introductory example for RSTAB 8 facilitates your introduction to the program. Step by step, you get familiar with the most important program functions. You can download the document as a PDF file.

  3. Videos


    Watch the introductory video and other videos on various topics regarding RSTAB.

  4. Webinars

    Have a look at our exquisite webinars featuring RSTAB.

  5. Manual


    The manual includes detailed description of the program. Download the manual as a PDF file and use the keyword search.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions provided by hotline engineers of Dlubal Software as well as solutions to commonly encountered problems.

  7. Dlubal Blog

    Dlubal Blog brings you regularly the useful tips & tricks for Dlubal Software. You can use the search tool to quickly find the articles on any subject you wish.

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