FAQ 005494 | How can I model a timber beam with stiffening on both sides? (splice)

How can I model a timber beam with stiffening on both sides? (splice)

The stiffening can be modeled using line releases as follows:

  • Create a line with the planned beam dimensions.
  • Open the "Edit Line" dialog box and assign a member with the cross-section of the planned stiffening to the line.
  • Create a New Line Release in the "Special Objects" subfolder by right-clicking it.
  • A dialog box appears where you can select the previously created line and then the created member (see the image).
  • Create a new Line Release type and enter the appropriate support conditions in the dialog box according to your planned stiffening and fasteners.

► Image | Creating Line Release https://www.dlubal.com/en/img/050014

  • Select the original line and repeat Steps 2 through 5 to create a second reinforcement (for unsymmetric cross-sections, the corresponding section should be arranged with an angle of 180°).
  • Assign the cross-section of the main beam to the original line.
  • Now, you can assign a corresponding eccentricity to the stiffening beams.

Another option for applying stiffening is described in the following FAQ:

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