Improved Calculation of Shear Stresses for Zero Elements

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Holes like for example bolt holes can be represented by zero elements in cross‑sections created in SHAPE‑THIN. The calculation of shear stresses in the zone of such an opening was improved as follows.

  1. In the normal elements, the shear stresses from transversal forces and torsional moments are calculated separately.
  2. The shear stresses from the transverse forces are integrated to shear forces.
  3. The shear forces in the normal elements are transformed in the direction of the axes y and z and added as sum Vy and sum Vz.
  4. The correction factors are determined: ky = Vy/(Σ Vy) and kz = Vz/(Σ Vz).
  5. The entered transversal forces Vy und Vz are multiplied by the correction factors.
  6. The shear stresses due to the adjusted transverse forces are recalculated.

As the zero elements are no longer effective, this method results in higher shear stresses.


Shear stress Null element Transverse force Shear force Hole


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