Single-Span Beam

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Question: I have defined temperature loads, strain loads, or a precamber. Once I modify stiffnesses, the deformations are no longer plausible.

Answer: By default, the imposed loads are applied in RSTAB without considering the stiffness modification. You can change this by deactivating the Calculation Perameters option shown in Image 01.

If you want to keep this option deactivated in new files by default, click the button at the bottom right.

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Imposed load Temperature load Stiffness modification

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  • Updated 11/26/2021
  • Number of Nodes 4
  • Number of Members 2
  • Number of Load Cases 1
  • Total Weight 2.400 t
  • Dimensions 21,33 x 1,64 x 8,2 feet
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