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Structural Analysis & Engineering Software

The FEA program RFEM allows for quick and easy modeling, structural and dynamic calculation, as well as design of models with member, plate, wall, folded plate, shell, and solid elements.

Due to the modular software concept, you can connect the main program RFEM with the corresponding add‑ons in order to meet your individual requirements.

  • FEA Software RFEM 6

Linear and Nonlinear Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis Models to Download

Models to Download

Select numerous structural models to utilize them for training purposes or for your projects.

The model is calculated linearly according to the linear static analysis or nonlinearly according to the second-order or large deformation analysis. In order to determine internal forces, results can be superimposed in combinations.


Individual Setting of Calculation Parameters

The calculation can be performed for all member types according to the linear static, second-order, or large deformation analysis. This selection option is available for load cases and load combinations. Additional calculation parameters are individually adjustable for load cases, load combinations, and result combinations. This ensures a high degree of flexibility with regard to the calculation method and detailed specifications.


Optional Incremental Load Application

The loading can be applied incrementally. This option is particularly suitable for calculations according to the large deformation analysis. In addition, RFEM allows you to perform post‑critical analyses.


Computation Kernel with Multi-Core Processor Technology

The calculation is now optimized utilizing a multi-core processor technology. It enables parallel calculations of linear load cases and load combinations by several processors without additional demands on the RAM: The stiffness matrix has to be created only once. Thus, even large systems can be calculated with the fast direct solver.

For models where many load combinations have to be calculated, several solvers (one per core) are started in parallel. Each solver then calculates a load combination. This leads to a better utilization of the cores.

The development of the deformation is displayed in a diagram during the calculation. This allows for good assessment of the convergence behavior.


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