Other Application Areas

Structural Analysis Software for other Application Areas

The application possibilities of the Dlubal Software programs are diverse. RFEM, RSTAB, RSECTION, and other programs are the perfect partners at your side if you deal with the following other application areas of structural engineering:

  • Cold-Formed Sections
  • Corrugated Sheets

Simulation of Masonry

RFEM is your secret ingredient for a successful construction project. The Masonry Design add-on supports you when designing masonry, using the proven finite element method. Sound like the right add-on for your project? Then find out more here!

Cold-Formed Sections

Do you want to design general cold-formed sections according to EN 1993‑1‑3 and EN 1993‑1‑5 for your project? We have the right solution for you. Use the SHAPE‑THIN 9 stand-alone program and the RF‑/STEEL extension to easily reach your goal without much effort. Try it out and convince yourself!

Soil-Structure Interaction

The composition of the soil, on which your project will be built, is another important factor. In RFEM, you can consider various soil models, such as the subgrade reaction modulus method, nonlinear iterative soil bodies (Geotechnical Analysis for RFEM 6), modified two-parametric soil models, and many others.

In this case, we especially recommend using the Geotechnical Analysis add-on for RFEM 6. Here, the soil structure is represented in a realistic way and the subgrade reaction modulus is determined as a function of the load.

Facade Analysis

Facades make buildings appear alive. They give them a certain expression. Are you planning such a project? Thanks to Dlubal Software, you have a reliable digital partner at your side. Using the structural analysis software RFEM and RSTAB as well as the stand-alone program RSECTION, you can design facade structures, such as glass facades, curtain walls, double facades, element facades, and many others.

Foundations and Foundation Engineering

Foundations are an important part of any structural project. Therefore, we have dedicated a separate add-on module RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro to this area in RFEM 5 and RSTAB 8. Use RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro to design different foundation types, such as foundation plates, single foundations, bucket foundations, and block foundations.

We can also recommend the Geotechnical Analysis add-on for RFEM 6. It uses the properties from soil samples to determine the soil body to be analyzed. Realistic determination of the soil conditions significantly influences the quality of the structural analysis of buildings. Use RFEM/RSTAB for your construction project!

Construction Stages

Would you like to consider construction stages in your structural analysis (for example, system changes in different construction phases)?

RFEM allows you to model construction progress, that is, you can consider the construction process of structures by using the member, surface, and solid elements.

Fire Resistance

In RFEM and RSTAB, you can perform fire resistance design checks for steel and timber structures.

For timber structures, the programs take into account cross-sections reduced by the charring duration, for example. For steel structures, the structural analysis in case of fire is carried out, taking into account the component temperature that is governing at the time of design.

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