Noise Protection Hangar for Airliners at Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis and Design
WTM Engineers GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Planning Team
Suisseplan AG, Zurich, Switzerland
GAC German Airport Consulting GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
LSB Gesellschaft für Lärmschutz mbH, Hamburg, Germany
Investor Zurich Airport AG, Switzerland

Regular maintenance and repairs of an aircraft includes performing aircraft engine testing. For the protection of residents in nearby communities, Flughafen Zürich AG (FZAG) commissioned the planning of a noise protection hangar which goes beyond the legal requirements for noise protection.

WTM Engineers, the customer of Dlubal Software, were in charge of this project, together with Suisseplan, Zurich, GAC German Airport Consulting as well as with LSB Gesellschaft für Lärmschutz and brought it to a successful conclusion in June 2014.

WTM Engineers calculated the spatial supporting structure of the noise protection hangar statically with RSTAB and designed it with STEEL SIA according to the Swiss steel construction standard SIA 263.

Main Supporting Structure

The roof structure with an area of 5,200 m2 is supported by an external steel structure consisting of both spatial and flat trusses as well as support elements across the maximum span of 78.5 m. The hangar can accommodate aircraft up to the size of Boeing 747‑8 with a wing span of 68.5 m.

The main supporting elements are two truss frames with ridge releases which span the whole hangar and support it in the transverse direction. The frames are restrained to foundation blocks on the support nodes.

A truss girder spans the rear opening which is integrated into the gable wall.

In the longitudinal direction, trusses are placed in the apex zone at the side walls of the enclosure which are attached to the main truss frames. They cantilever about 34 m to the top of the hangar.

External spatial three-chord truss girders are linked to the main supporting structure to hold the trapezoidal cross‑sections of the roof.

With the noise protection hangar at the Zurich Airport, a building with appealing architecture has been created.

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