Installation of Water Tanks in the USA

Customer Project

Tank Producer Aquamate
Clovelly Park, South Australia
Tank Structural Design Rocky Summit Engineering Consulting, LLC
Irving, Texas, USA

Aquamate, a leading manufacturer of corrugated water tanks in Australia, plans to enter the North American market by the end of 2016.

Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the tanks meet all US codes and standards before the end of the year.

Rocky Summit Engineering Consulting from Irving, Texas, USA, a customer of Dlubal Software, has been responsible for performing the structural analysis and design of the tanks according to the American Standard ANSI/AISC 360‑10.


The structure was modeled and designed with RFEM. Scaled tank models were generated and calculated considering all load cases (snow, wind, earthquake, etc.) according to applicable codes in various regions of the country.

The software ensured code compliance of the water tanks for different regions across the US. In addition, it was possible to determine the limit of sales coverage based on the structural results. In turn, we could create solutions to expand those limits to other harsh environmental areas such as California with high seismic activity or areas of high elevation with increased snow loads’, explains Fernando Peña from Rocky Summit EC.

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