Crossrail Station Abbey Wood, London, United Kingdom

With the Crossrail railroad line in Great Britain, one of the biggest infrastructure projects of Europe is in progress.

The construction costs for the 73-mile railroad line amount to about €21 billion.

Two Dlubal customers have been involved in the project. WIEHAG Holding AG planned, produced, and assembled the timber structure; the engineers of enartec – engineering + architecture performed the structural analysis for the roof structure in RFEM.


The roof, made of larch and spruce glulam timber with dimensions of 164 ft x 181 ft, has a total area of 17,222 ft2. Four single-curved primary supporting bars made of glulam timber form the basis of the roof structure. They were designed as articulated beams and each beam has a total length of 148 ft.

Single and double-curved secondary beams are connected to the primary beams with a center distance of 6.6 ft. 18 straight or single‑curved tertiary supporting bars are included as well. Three‑layered plates made of natural larch and spruce wood are used to build the roof supporting structure.

The roof is supported by columns and beams made of steel. The bracings and the edge beams of the roof are made of steel as well. A total of 33 tons of steel were used.

Once the Crossrail railroad line is completed in 2019 as planned, the free-form roof structure of the Abbey Wood Station will certainly be one of the architectural highlights of this major project.

Client Crossrail Limited, UK
Network Rail Limited, UK
Architect Fereday Pollard Architects Ltd., UK
Structural Analysis Timber Construction enartec - engineering + architecture, Italy
Timber Construction Prefabrication, Work Planning, and Assembly WIEHAG Holding AG, Austria

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 1521
Number of Lines 1494
Number of Members 1469
Number of Load Cases 16
Number of Load Combinations 132
Number of Result Combinations 4
Total Weight 76.391 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 47.924 x 54.951 x 12.330 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 157.23 x 180.29 x 40.45 feet
Program Version 5.13.01

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