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Customer Project

In 2018, Alì Supermercati decided to extend the existing regional commercial network with a new shopping mall located in Via Noalese, Treviso, Italy. The project, designed by Studio Signorotto Architettura of Treviso, includes a glued-laminated timber roof which integrates with the area’s existing wood structures characterized by a perfect aesthetic design and quality building material.

Investor Alì SpA
Via Olanda 2 - 35127 Padua, Italy 
Architectural Design Signorotto Architects
Via Riccati 7 - 31100 Treviso, Italy
Structural Design and Timber Construction Holz Albertani SpA
Loc. Forno Allione - 25040 Berzo Demo, Italy


Holz Albertani SpA, an Italian leader in the timber construction field, was awarded the construction and structural design contract for the timber roof supported by reinforced concrete columns. The 72,118 ft² area roof includes trusses connected transversely with stabilizing members in two main directions and a glued-laminated timber decking.

Structural Design

The Holz Albertani SpA engineering office completed the structural design while considering the architectural requirements set by Signorotto Architects. The structural analysis software RFEM and the RF-LAMINATE and RF-DYNAM Pro add-on modules were used in the design calculation for the orthotropic roof surface to evaluate the static analysis in combination with dynamic loads. Due to the detailed structural design perfectly harmonized with the architectural requirements, the roof was assembled in a relatively short period of time while keeping construction issues minimal.

The main structure includes trusses with a maximum span of about 66 ft between the supporting columns. The roof set on the main trusses consists of a 3 5⁄32 in. thick glued-laminated timber slab. The timber members are connected along the trusses as well as to the exterior reinforced concrete frame.

The finished structure includes not only high aesthetic and functional quality, but is also designed to meet the current seismic design requirements.

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