Extension and Reconstruction of 'Terma Bania' Facility in Białka Tatrzańska

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The designed object was created by BIM technology. Documentation is exchanged using IFC files. For the above-mentioned purposes, the object model was created in REVIT and then exported to RFEM, the place of setting the loads, and performing the element calculations and design.

Engineering Office GSBK
Cracow, Poland
Architect ETC Architekci
Inhaber "Terma Bania" Water Park



The newly designed facility is an extension of the existing "Terma Bania" Water Park with a recreational and gastronomic part. The building was designed as a reinforced concrete, monolithic slab-column structure with the dominant column spacing in the underground part of 6.0 x 7.5 m, and in the aboveground part with a spacing corresponding to the span of the roof girders. The building's spatial rigidity is ensured by two staircases with elevator shafts. The RF-CONCRETE module was used for the design of RC elements.

Due to the terrain conditions and the continuation of the present frontage, it was necessary to design an arched roof covering. Due to the planned function of the structure, it was necessary to minimize the number of supports at levels 0 and +1. Therefore, it was decided to design the roof structure in the form of arched girders of glued laminated timber GL28h with two spans 16.50m and 22.50m. The roof girders are articulated on reinforced concrete beams. The RF-TIMBER Pro module was used for the dimensioning of glued timber elements.

Due to the exposition of the building, a glass facade has been designed on the south side. Steel posts are designed as a load-bearing element. The roof structure in the plane of the glass facade is crowned with a reinforced concrete beam with two radii of curvature (vertical and horizontal), to which the steel posts of the facade are additionally suspended. The RC beam was modeled with single, segmented RC beams, and dimensioned with the RF-Concrete Members module as a set of members, and the steel posts of the facade with the RF-Steel Members module.

For an object with different construction materials (steel, reinforced concrete, glued timber), the calculation of the RFEM package improved the work on the static analysis. Changes in the structure of the facility, loads are carried out in one place, which significantly accelerated the work.

Project Location

Białka Tatrzańska, Poland


Concrete structure RF-CONCRETE RF-TIMBER Pro

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  • Updated 19 October 2020

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