Footbridge over the Serio River, Italy

The mountain community of the Seriana Valley commissioned Studio Rota Nodari of Alzano Lombardo to design and manage the works for the replacement of the bridge over the Serio river between the municipalities of Cene and Gazzaniga, Italy.

Work Description

The structure is a double-span bridge of the 3rd category, with a pile in the riverbed and a total span of 226.38 ft, achieved using painted steel box girders, and a deck made of recycled plastic material (WPC).

The design of the footbridge involved prior analysis of the existing reinforced concrete structures by means of non-invasive instrumentation using a calibrated spring sclerometer and ultrasound according to the SonReb methodology, as well as a cover meter. The structural analysis and design based on the original design documentation has shown that the strength values are compatible with the actions transmitted by the new structure; therefore, reinforcement of the supporting structures was not necessary.

The company Cosmet SrL was in charge of the construction works, the disassembly and disposal of the timber footbridge, and the assembly of the new structure. To optimize the transportation costs and reduce the assembly time (within two weeks), the structure is composed of elements with a maximum length of 45.93 ft, assembled on site using bolted joints.

Serio river
between Cene and Cazzaniga

Seriana Valley Mountain Community
Via D. Alighieri, 1
24023 Clusone (BG)

Structural Design

Studio Rota Nodari
Via M. Zanchi, 85
24022 Alazano Lombardo (BG)

Construction Works

Cosmetics by Fantoni Srl
Via S.Lucio, 37/16
24023 Clusone (BG)

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 904
Number of Lines 1770
Number of Members 592
Number of Surfaces 372
Number of Load Cases 6
Number of Load Combinations 148
Number of Result Combinations 4
Total Weight 26.795 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 31.680 x 2.800 x 1.750 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 103.94 x 9.19 x 5.74 feet
Program Version 5.28.02

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