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Piccadilly Circus Spiral Staircase, London

This elegant steel spiral staircase is located in an office building in Sherwood Street, at Piccadilly Circus in central London.

Based on the manufacturer's BIM model, the Matrix engineers created a 3D finite element analysis model to calculate the various stresses throughout the entire structure. In addition, it was necessary to ensure that the deflection of the stairs would be kept to a minimum so that no damage would occur to the terrazzo flooring.

The stair stringers (which also function as fall protection) as well as the steps are made of steel sheets t = 0.98 in. with a steel quality S275. The height of the stringers is approx. 4.59 ft. The Steel Design and Stress-Strain Analysis add-ons were used for the design in RFEM.

Location 1 Sherwood Street
London W1F 7BL
United Kingdom
Architect Fletcher Priest Architects
Owner D Wilson Architectural Metalworks Ltd
Structural Design Matrix Consulting Engineers Ltd

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