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Calculation RFEM RSTAB

I noticed that the maximum component is equal to zero for support forces of a result combination. In my clear system, I can easily see that this cannot be true. The minimum force is alright.


The maximum support force of RC4 is zero because the RCs included in the combination are considered as Variable. As the support forces for the RCs 1 - 3 act in the same direction, the result in RC4 is only one value. The other value is zero because it is possible that no RC is acting.

To solve this problem, you have to define the other RCs in the RC 4 as Permanent:
RC4 = RC1/permanent or RC2/permanent or RC3/permanent.

The result combinations 1 to 3 will be compared. The most unfavorable value returns the result.


result combination, RC, support force, support forces

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