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How can I determine the effective cross-section values according to EC 3 or EC 9 with SHAPE-THIN?


Activate the "c/ t parts and effective cross-section properties" option in General Data of the cross-section. Then, click the "Calculation Parameters" button to open the dialog box with the same name. In the second tab, define the desired standard (Figure 1).

Figure 01 - c/t parts and effective cross-section values

Then enter the elements of the cross-section. The c/t parts are usually generated automatically from the geometry conditions, but can also be created user-defined in Table 1.7 Cross-Section Parts for Classification or the corresponding dialog box (Figure 2).

Figure 02 - Cross-Section Parts for Classification

Then, define a load case in Table 2.1 Load Cases (Figure 3) or in the "Edit Load Cases and Combinations" dialog box, and then the internal forces in Table 3.1 or in the "Edit X-Location" dialog box (Figure 4).

Figure 03 - Load Cases

Figure 04 - Internal forces

The results of the effective cross-section are available after the calculation with the Effective Widths button (Figure 4).

Figure 05 - Effective Section Properties


Effective cross-section Cross-section class Classification


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