Web Queries (API) Geo-Zone Tool: Language Setting

How can I change the language for web queries (API) of Geo-Zone Tool?


A web query of the Geo-Zone Tool requires a URL composed of the identity components.

Controlling WebService (API)

The load types and standards are defined by the "language" component, which is composed of two parts:

  • The first part of the component always remains unchanged and is "language=".
  • In the second part, you can select the language. The following languages are available:
    • German =de
    • English =en-us
    • French =fr
    • Spanish =es
    • Portuguese =pt
    • Italian =it
    • Czech =cs
    • Polish =pl
    • Russian =ru
    • Chinese =zh

For example, the component "language=pl" is thus used for the Polish output.


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