"Local" and "Global" Calculation Type

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In RF-GLASS, there are generally two different calculation types available in Window 1.1. On one hand, there is the “Local” calculation, and on the other hand, there is the “Global” calculation.

In the case of the local calculation type, each glass pane is removed as an individual model and calculated in a separate model in the background. For this, it is necessary to define the layer structure, the support type and the applied calculation method directly in RF‑GLASS.

In the case of the global calculation type, you have to define only the layer structure in RF‑GLASS; the other boundary conditions (for example support) will be used globally from the RFEM model.

The global calculation type is limited to calculations of single or laminated glass. Therefore, the local calculation is preset by default where you can design insulating glass panes as well. The global calculation type may be applied for structural analysis of a parapet glazing supported by nodes, which can be displayed using nodal supports.


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