Reconstruction of Güsen Road Bridge B 10 over the Elbe-Havel Canal, Germany

As a part of the expansion works of the Elbe‑Havel Canal, the Güsen road bridge was replaced with a new bridge in the same location.

The new Güsen road bridge B 10 is a tied‑arch bridge with an orthotropic roadway slab.

The construction of a temporary bridge was required in order to maintain an important road connection over the canal.

The company grbv Ingenieure im Bauwesen GmbH & Co. KG from Hanover, Germany, was responsible for the planning and structural design of the new and the temporary bridges as well as for the demolition of the existing bridge. RSTAB software was used for the structural calculations.

Structure and Design

The new Güsen road bridge B 10 is a tied‑arch bridge with an orthotropic roadway slab. The clear width between bridge abutments is about 301.9 ft and the bridge width is almost 46 ft wide.

The arches are made of welded box sections. Horizontal stiffening of the arches is achieved by 4 crossbeams made of round steel tubes (portal effect). Both stringers of the bridge are suspended with 12 round members of d = 4 inches each.

The engineers from grbv used the RSMOVE add‑on module to generate moving loads in RSTAB. Also, many cross‑sections were created in the cross‑section properties software SHAPE‑THIN.

Traffic has returned to 2 lanes since the opening of the Güsen road bridge B 10. It is also possible for pedestrians to cross the bridge on a wide footpath.

Investor Waterways and Shipping Directorate East, Waterways Construction Office Magdeburg, Germany
Building and Structural Planning grbv Ingenieure im Bauwesen GmbH & Co. KG, Hanover, Germany

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 228
Number of Members 687
Number of Load Cases 153
Number of Load Combinations 2
Number of Result Combinations 39
Total Weight 553.655 tons
Dimensions 329.34 x 43.8 x 48.23 feet
Program Version 8.11.01

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