Roof Renovation for "Locanda alla Posta" in Venice, Italy

Customer Project

In 2017, Torrone manufacturer in Dolo (VE) and owner of the former "Locanda alla Posta" inn Scaldaferro contracted Ri-Legno S.r.l., a leading company in timber reconstruction, to address the building's 17 m x 16 m timber roof.

Investor Locanda alla Posta Srls
Via Cà Tron, 33
30031 Dolo, Italy
Structural Planning and Construction Ri-Legno Srl
Via della Cooperazione, 163-167
38123 Trento, Italy
Architectural Design Arch. Carlo dalla Pace


The existing roof was severely deteriorated and decayed, and therefore, after a careful inspection, Ri-Legno decided to rebuild the roof from scratch and recreate the truss configuration according to the original built construction.

Structural Design

The Ri-Legno planning office designed the structural framework using the structural analysis software RFEM and the add-on modules RF-DYNAM Pro for evaluating the structure's dynamic behavior and RF-TIMBER Pro for the load-bearing timber member design.

The roof geometry considered the existing construction scheme: Piedmontese timber roof trusses (orditura alla piemontese) and Italian roof trusses (capriata all'italiana). The roof trusses have a span around 17 m and include struts providing intermediate support to the rafters. The rafters running perpendicular to the ridge line support the roof covering with slab-like hollow clay bricks as well as monk and nun tiles.

The truss beam joints were reinforced with steel elements to prevent movement of structural components. Additionally, special consideration was given to the structure's placement process by developing an ad hoc model in RFEM to estimate the roof's stress state during lifting.

A unique feature for this roof renovation is that the 270 m² roof was completely constructed on the ground (to ensure construction under the roof could continue during this time) then lifted and placed as a block on the existing, vertical masonry structure.

Project Location

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