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Harzdrenalin Membrane Roof at Rappbode Dam in Harz Mountains, Germany

In 2022, the event area of the breathtaking "Harzdrenalin" attraction was given an elegant canvas roof made of three membranes. This lightweight structure is intended to protect visitors from sun and rain.

Gisela Zündel from the engineering office for structural design in Lorch, Germany was responsible for the structural analysis and planning of the membrane roof. The FEA program RFEM and the RF-FORM-FINDING, RF-CUTTING, and RF-STEEL EC3 add-on modules were used.

Harzdrenalin - Attraction in the Harz Mountains

"Harzdrenalin" at Rappbode Dam in Germany's Harz Mountains offers visitors several options to experience an adrenaline rush. The easiest of the attractions is the Titan-RT suspension bridge, which is about 500 yards long. The Mega Zip Line for guests, soaring about 130 yards above the Rappbode Dam's precipice, requires a little more courage. And if that is not enough action, really brave guests can be catapulted 125 ft into the air by a human catapult or dare to jump from the suspension bridge.

Membrane Structure

Three membranes are attached by cables to the straight column in the center and the inclined columns on the edges. All the columns consist of round pipes of steel grade S 355. The edge columns are cable-stayed, the guys being anchored in the ground. The central column, which is the tallest, is approximately 31 feet high. In total, the membrane structure covers an area of about 360 square yards.

Rappbode Dam
38889 Elbingerode (Harz), Germany
Project Management Harzdrenalin GmbH
Manufacturing and Assembly Stegmaier GmbH
Structural Design Structural Engineering Office
Gisela Zündel
Holzplatz 2
D-73547 Lorch, Germany

Project Specifications

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