Timber Roof with Folded Plates in Anoeta, Spain

Madergia, a Spanish Dlubal Software customer, presents this beautiful project designed by ZÜR Studio, for which engineers were responsible with regard to structural analysis, manufacturing, supply, and installation of the timber structure. It is a pergola roof with folded plates, placed in an open public space in the town of Anoeta.


Regarding the floor plan, the roof has a width of 20 m (about 65 ft) and a length of 15 m (about 49 ft); the roof's slopes range between 6% and 35%. The structure, consisting of GL24h glulam timber, is supported by free-standing sawtooth-shaped rolled steel frames spanning about 13 m (about 42 ft) of the roof's width. The columns of the frame along the roof's length are 5.0 m (about 16 ft) apart. The hip and valley rafters are connected to the steel frames with hinged supports.

On some folded plates, certain rafters are spaced 0.65 m (about 2 ft) apart, fixed by tongue-and-groove boards and forming the cover for a green roof, and while other rafters under these plates are spaced 1 m (about 3 ft) apart, supporting a polycarbonate cover to improve natural lighting.

Structural Analysis

The structural analysis for the ultimate limit state, in both a normal situation and fire situations, as well as for the serviceability limit state, were calculated according to the Spanish rules of the Basic Document for Wood Structural Safety (DB-SE-M) of April 2009 and the Basic Document for Safety in case of Fire (DB-SI) of February 2010, belonging to the technical building code in force.

Computer applications used in the calculation:

  • self-developed pre- and post-process spreadsheets
  • Cadwork V29 Computer Aided Design program
  • Dlubal RFEM 6.02 Structural Analysis and Design program
20270, Gipuzkoa
ZÜR Studio
Structural Analysis
Madergia, Efficient Timber Construction
Ansoáin (Navarra), Spain

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 455
Number of Lines 343
Number of Members 343
Number of Surfaces 16
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 3
Number of Load Combinations 9
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 18.945 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 31.282 x 9.384 x 22.297 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 102.63 x 30.79 x 73.15 feet

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