RSTAB - Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

Result Evaluation and Printout Report

Internal forces, deformations, and support forces are displayed in result tables and graphically on a model. Filtering options allow for targeted result selection. All data is documented in a multilingual printout report. The report contents can be adjusted and saved as a template.

  1. Result table with colored relation scales

    Color Representation of Internal Forces

    Result tables display the available positive and negative internal forces in colors, including the relation to extreme values. The result tables of the design modules use color scales to represent respective design ratios. In this way, the governing locations are immediately apparent.

  2. Result diagrams on a set of members

    Result Diagrams

    The result diagrams of members, surfaces, and supports are freely configurable: You can define smooth ranges with average values or display and hide the result distributions, if necessary. This option ensures targeted evaluation of results. All diagrams can be added in the printout report.

  3. Creating a video file

    Visualization of Results

    The results on a rendered model are represented by a number of colors in order to easily detect deformations such as member rotation. You can freely define the colors and the range of values in the control panel. Deformations can be animated and saved as a video file.

  4. Summary of calculation results

    Detailed Result Tables

    The first result table displays a summarized overview providing the equilibrium of forces in the structural system and the maximum deformations. Information about the calculation process is included as well. You can filter the result tables by specific criteria such as extreme values or design locations.

  5. Mass print of results

    Mass Print of Graphics

    It is possible to print a model, loads, and results in a series. Graphics can be created on the basis of different directions to be specified. For example, you can print all internal forces as an isometric view with a single mouse‑click.

  6. Graphics of deformations created in the printout report automatically

    Printout Report Export in RTF or PDF File

    There are various languages available for the results included in a printout report: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian. You can individually create further languages. It is possible to import additional texts as RTF files. Page numbering can be configured as well in order to use prefixes, for example. Furthermore, you can export the printout report as a RTF or PDF file.

  7. Selection in the printout report

    Printout Report Extent Management

    The extent of a printout report can be individually adjusted by means of selection criteria. You can create printout templates based on already existing printouts and reuse them globally for all design projects. In the case of graphical print presentations, there is the option of title boxes.

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