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  • Answer

    The COM interface allows you to read out or create a user-defined response spectrum in RFEM and RSTAB.

    For the conversion, it is necessary to get the interface to the module (IDynamModule) via the interface to the RFEM model (IModel). This interface is then used to create the module case (IModuleCase). IModuleCase includes the GetRSParams function, which can be used to read out the parameters for the response spectrum. On the other hand, the SetRSParams function can write new data. The following example code clarifies it:

    Dim iApp As RFEM5.Application
    Dim iMod As RFEM5.model
    Set iApp = GetObject(, "RFEM5.Application")

    Dim rs_no As Integer
    rs_no = 1

    On Error GoTo e

        ' Checks RS-COM license and locks the application for using by COM.

        Set iMod = iApp.GetActiveModel

        '  get module interface
        Dim iDyn As IDynamModule
        Set iDyn = iMod.GetModule("DynamPro")

        '  get module case interface
        Dim iDynCase As IModuleCase
        Set iDynCase = iDyn.GetData
        '  set response spectra parameters
        Dim rspara As RSParams
        rspara = iDynCase.GetRSParams(rs_no)
        Dim rs_spec(0 To 10) As RSTableRow
        Dim index As Integer
        index = 0
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.6
        rs_spec(index).T = 0
        index = 1
        rs_spec(index).s = 1.33
        rs_spec(index).T = 0.153
        index = 2
        rs_spec(index).s = 1.33
        rs_spec(index).T = 0.4
        index = 3
        rs_spec(index).s = 1.204
        rs_spec(index).T = 0.443
        index = 4
        rs_spec(index).s = 1.07
        rs_spec(index).T = 0.5
        index = 5
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.7
        rs_spec(index).T = 0.761
        index = 6
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.508
        rs_spec(index).T = 1.051
        index = 7
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.367
        rs_spec(index).T = 1.453
        index = 8
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.267
        rs_spec(index).T = 1.995
        index = 9
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.16
        rs_spec(index).T = 2.584
        index = 10
        rs_spec(index).s = 0.16
        rs_spec(index).T = 5

        rspara.UserDefinedTable = rs_spec
        rspara.Comment = "test rs"
        rspara.DefinitionType = ResponseSpectraType.UserDefinedRS
        rspara.description = "test rs via COM"
        rspara.Number = rs_no
        iDynCase.SetRSParams rs_no, rspara
    e:  If Err.Number <> 0 Then MsgBox Err.description, , Err.Source
        Set iMod = Nothing
        Set iApp = Nothing

    The response spectrum was created according to EN 1998‑1:2010 and has 11 points. First, an array of the RSTableRow type with 11 elements was created, filled with data, and then saved under the UserDefinedTable property. The transfer is carried out using the SetRSParams command.

  • Answer

    Yes, it is possible to exchange data between the LayPLAN software by Layher and RSTAB. The "LayPLAN TO RSTAB" tool allows you this.

    You can easily transfer scaffolding structures to RSTAB. The "LayPLAN TO RSTAB" interface transfers geometry data as well as statically relevant information, such as cross-section and material data, member types, eccentricities, and nonlinear joint definitions according to the approval.

    To operate this interface, an active license of RS‑COM to RSTAB is required.

    A perpetual license or a rental license is available for RS‑COM.
  • Answer

    Go to the Sentinel Admin Control Center (http://localhost: 1947) in the Configuration menu → Access to Remote License Manager, and make sure here that the "Allow Access to Remote Licenses" and "Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses" check boxes are selected. Try to select "Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses." If this does not help either, enter the server's IP address directly into "Remote License Search Parameters."
  • Answer

    No, this is unfortunately not possible.

    If you save the last position of your model in RFEM or RSTAB, it is done in the currently used version.

    However, you can also open the RFEM 5 files in RFEM 4 and the RSTAB 8 files in RSTAB 7. In this case, please pay attention to the notes in FAQ 004112 under the link below.
  • Answer

    For this, use the "Open" command of the "File" menu in RSTAB 7.

    In the "Open" dialog box, the RSTAB 8 files are not visible immediately as the files for the program versions RSTAB 7 (and previous) are only displayed.

    In order to be able to see all files (including the RSTAB 8 files) in a specific directory or folder, you have to change the file type to "All Files" in the lower part of the dialog box. Then, you will also see the newer files for RSTAB 8 and can open them in RSTAB 7.

    Important: We do not guarantee compatibility when opening an RSTAB 8 file in RSTAB 7. Thus, the file or the model contained might be damaged. The module data and the results will also be deleted.

    The same procedure is also possible in RFEM 4.

  • Answer

    One option is to select the "File → Open" command in RSTAB 7. Then, you can display all files. Now, select the RSTAB 8 file. Then, it is possible to get it opened.

    In general, your colleague should calculate the structure once more. This could lead to some small deviations.
    If your colleague only wants to check the model, it is also possible to use the Viewer.
  • Answer

    This function cannot be assessed or determined at the basic program level. This issue can be fixed at the level of the add-on modules, such as RF‑STEEL EC3 or RF‑DEFORM. The second module is generic and can be used for any member. More information can be found at: .
  • Answer

    We generally offer group or individual training for the RSTAB program family.

    • As part of our group training, we can provide you with basic training as well as special Eurocode training sessions. These training sessions take place in our office rooms. You can find more information as well as current dates and prices at:
    • The individual training sessions are usually one-day training with the content specifically tailored to your needs. They can take place at our place or in your office on any date that is convenient to you. Further information as well as the prices can be found at:
    • The individual online training sessions represent a flexible and cost-effective training option. These can also be planned on short notice and oriented according to the desired topic area. Based on our experience, the online training should not exceed a duration of 4 hours.

    Still not found the training wanted by you? Please contact our sales department. He will work out a tailor-made solution together with you to reach success in your training.

  • Answer

    Yes, that is possible in principle. However, there are some things that have to be taken into account.

    • It may be useful to keep RSTAB as a license so that you can easily edit the old projects in the future.
    • RFEM can open the RSTAB models. The structural and load data are transferred apart from a few exceptional situations. For add-on modules, it may be necessary to rework or enter the data due to the different data formats (in comparison to RSTAB, RFEM additionally requires surface and solid elements).
    • It is also necessary to convert possible active service contracts.
    • As there are various product families, there is no standard price for the upgrade. We can provide you with a price information after having evaluated the relevant case. For this, simply contact our sales department.
  • Answer

    The programs of Dlubal Software GmbH are subjected to a continuous improvement process, so that the improvement in this module is not improbable over a period of about 18 years. However, you should note that the design according to DIN 18800 is not up-to-date anymore, and it is better to work with the current add-on module for steel design, RF‑/STEEL EC3, according to Eurocode 3.

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