Improved Documentation of Shear Design

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For a uniformly distributed loading, according to EN 1992‑1‑1 (Eurocode 2) the design section for the shear reinforcement can be placed at a distance d from the front edge of the support. Thus for the shear reinforcement, the applied shear force is reduced to VEd,red. For the analysis of the maximum design shear resistance VRd,max, however, the total shear force is to be applied.

To achieve a complete documentation of the applied shear forces, the total shear force VEd as well as the reduced shear force VEd,red are then given numerically or graphically.

Furthermore, the utilization of the design shear resistance of the reinforced cross‑section was added in Window 3.3 of the module. The following relations are shown:

  • VEd,red / VRd,c
  • VEd,red / VRd,s
  • VEd / VRd,max
  • VEd = Total shear force
  • VEd,red = Reduced shear force
  • VRd,c = Shear resistance without shear reinforcement
  • VRd,s = Shear resistance with shear reinforcement
  • VRd,max = Maximum shear force resistance of concrete compressive strut

You can also display the utilization ratios graphically as result diagram and add it to the documentation.


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