Team Event: Leipzig Bicycle Ride 2023

Last Friday, the Leipzig Dlubal team jumped on the bike saddle together! 14 colleagues went over 30 km from the office to nature. The Leipzig region with its beautiful lakes prods to relaxing and forgetting the stress of everyday life for a few hours.

After months of planning, the time had finally come: The pandemic kept us from doing this for a long time, but now our Leipzig tradition has finally been continued. Since the founding of our office in Leipzig, we have organized a joint bike trip on a regular basis. The Leipzig region with its beautiful lakes prods to relaxing and forgetting the stress of everyday life for a few hours.

Nevertheless, it remained exciting until the departure. The bad weather of the previous days and the rain in the morning did not bode well. Would the trip fall through after all? Luckily, the weather changed during the morning and even the sun came out after closing time. The best conditions for our bike ride!

So we were able to jump into the saddle at 1:30 PM as planned and set off through the south of Leipzig. The best thing about our city is that on the right paths, the high buildings quickly give way to groups of trees and green spaces. So it only took a few miles until hardly anything in our surroundings resembled a big city.

Passing numerous parks, including the Wildlife Park Leipzig, we left the city more and more behind. We made a short stop in the agra park. Because there is the White House! Not the one you're thinking of now. However, it is at least as beautiful! You can find this castle-like building in Markklaeberg, south of Leipzig.

The plans for the building were inspired by the summer residence Les Versailles, and this is clearly visible from the elegant lines of the house. It was built in 1896/1897 as a summer residence for the magazine publisher Paul Herfurth, and it is now a cultural venue.

After a short break, we continued. A few miles later, the time had finally come: Every now and then, the deep blue lake water flashed through the trees. The air still smelled of summer rain, forest, and a lake: What could be more beautiful?

Along the path, we circled the lake and stopped at about the halfway point. Markklaeberger See is known especially for its leisure offers. In addition to the main strand near the camping site, climbing fans will also get their money's worth here. The climbing park on Markklaeberger See is a popular destination for local visitors and vacationers alike. But we were drawn to the canoe park.

This place is very special. As recently as 2021, the world's experts in canoe sport gathered here in preparation for the World Cup in Prague. After all, the canoe park is, after the Augsburg Ice Run, the second artificial white water facility in Germany that is suitable for World Cup. The German canoe slalom tennis experts as well as top athletes from all over the world train here on a regular basis. Our destination was the restaurant of this impressive building: the KANU Wildwasser-Terrasse restaurant.

From here, we enjoyed this great view of the lake with cool drinks and good food. We slowly let the day end in cozy togetherness and then slowly made our way back towards the city. It was really good to finally be able to continue our tradition and we are looking forward to the next time!


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