Doubravka Lookout Tower in Prague - Kyje, Czech Republic

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In June 2018, a new and unique lookout tower by the world-famous architect Martin Rajniš was opened in the Prague municipal district Kyje. When designing the tower, maximum emphasis was placed on natural and renewable material use.The lookout tower structure is constructed with 3.15 in diameter acacia logs.  The main supporting structure includes three legs where a spiral staircase is also suspended. The tower legs are made of a lattice structure in the shape of an elongated barrel. At the top, the legs are interconnected with three steel hoops and a triangular steel structure.The tower is 77.1 ft high with the observation platform located 65.5 feet above the ground elevation. The observation tower can hold up to 9 people during typical operations.

Investor Landia Management s.r.o
Operator Prague 14 Municipal District
Architect Huť architektury Martin Rajniš s.r.o.
Prof. Ing. arch. Martin Rajniš
Structural Analysis STATIC Solution s.r.o.
Ing. Tomáš Fremr, Ph.D.


Structural Analysis

The RFEM model was initially created by importing the architectural model from AutoCAD. End releases were conservatively applied to all members even though many members overlap.

The RFEM calculation included a second-order analysis with the Picard method. For the design, a possible progressive collapse of the structure was taken into consideration where one of the highly loaded elements may fail (break). The model was also used to verify the various construction stages when installing the structure with cranes.

Project Location


Doubravka lookout tower

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