CSA A23.3:19 Concrete Building Design in RFEM 6 (USA)

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Free Webinar | CSA A23.3:19 Concrete Building Design in RFEM 6 (USA)

This webinar will provide an introduction to concrete building design acc. to the CSA A23.3:19 in RFEM 6.

Time Schedule

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Structure modeling review in RFEM 6
06:55 Loading and load combinations review 
16:25 Member, surface, punching shear input data 
36:05 Concrete Design Add-on input data 
39:25 Static analysis results review
41:20 Concrete design results review
51:30 Building Model Add-on input data
59:30 Static analysis results review
1:02:18 Building element concrete design
1:05:28 Conclusion

Presentation Model to Download

Below, under Models to Download, you will find the model(s) used in the webinar. This will allow you to independently follow the webinar step by step with the provided model after the presentation is complete.


Amy Heilig, PE

Amy Heilig, PE

CEO - USA Office
Sales & Technical Support Engineer

Amy Heilig is the CEO of the USA office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the North American market.


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Main Program

The structural analysis program RFEM 6 is the basis of a modular software system. The main program RFEM 6 is used to define structures, materials, and loads of planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, and members. The program can also design combined structures as well as solid and contact elements.

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Concrete Design for RFEM 6


In the Concrete Design add-on, various designs according to international standards are possible. You can design members, surfaces, and columns, as well as perform punching and deformation analyses.

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Special Solutions

The RFEM Building Model add-on allows you to define and manipulate a building by means of stories. The stories can be adjusted in many ways afterwards. Information about the stories and the entire model (center of gravity) is displayed in tables and graphics.

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