Is it also possible to design flat slabs in RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design?


The add-on module is designed for pre-tensioning or post-tensioning prestress. The templates for the tendon geometry are based on parabolic diagrams. This means that the modules are not designed explicitly for the design of flat slabs.

Possible Procedure:

The geometric distribution for a free tendon position cannot be determined automatically by the add-on modules. However, it is possible to use a user-defined tendon distribution as a basis. Unbonded prestress could be set by adjusting friction coefficients.

The deformation analysis cannot be performed in the RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design add‑on modules. However, it is possible to perform the deformation analysis by using RFEM in conjunction with RF‑CONCRETE NL or RF‑CONCRETE Deflect when applying equivalent prestress loads. The equivalent prestress loads are exported without the influence of long-term losses and would have to be reduced by a factor corresponding to these losses in RFEM.


Flat slabs Monostrands Free tendon position Unbonded prestress

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