Cirerers, Spain's Tallest Wooden Residential Building (Barcelona)

Dlubal's Spanish customer Estudi M103, an architectural office for structural consulting and calculation reports located in Barcelona, participated in an extraordinary construction project. The "Cirerers" project arises from a contest for municipal building sites for cohousing published by the Barcelona City Council in 2016.

The Sostre Cívic housing cooperative entrusted Celobert Architects with the development of the architectural proposal, which ended up winning the competition. The cooperative building (a project in which the future tenants have also taken part), with 32 apartments and common spaces, consisting of a ground floor and seven stories built in Pla dels Cirerers street 2 - 4 in Barcelona, was designed by Celobert. With a height of approximately 86.94 feet, it is the tallest wooden building built in Spain to date.

The structure on the ground floor consists of columns, walls, deep beams, and an HA-30 concrete slab. The timber structure of the remaining 7 floors is supported by the concrete slab of the ground floor ceiling. This wooden structure is composed of cross-laminated timber (CLT) walls and floors. The cadwork assembly drawings were designed by engineer Albert Admetla and the assembly was carried out by Velima, a Spanish company.

For the calculation and design of the timber beams, the Dlubal add-on module RF-TIMBER Pro was used; the RF-STEEL EC3 add-on module was used for the verification of the steel members, and RF-LAMINATE was used for the calculation of the CLT panels. The structure's stability was checked using RF-STABILITY; the natural vibrations were analyzed with RF-DYNAM Pro. The building, comprising communal rooms, will be a passive house because it will have minimal energy demand in terms of air conditioning and hot water production, and it is ecological because organic materials with a minimal ecological footprint are used preferentially.

Carrer del Pla dels Cirerers, 2-4
08042 Barcelona

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 1878
Number of Lines 2992
Number of Members 895
Number of Surfaces 199
Number of Load Cases 7
Number of Result Combinations 134
Total Weight 879.725 tons
Dimensions 65.56 x 95.4 x 87.54 feet
Program Version 5.26.02

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