Lateral Torsional Buckling Under Influence of Axial Tension

The subject chosen for this thesis research is lateral torsional buckling. Testing of girders can be tested for lateral torsional buckling according to Eurocode 3 in three ways:

  1. Tests based on general of general curves;
  2. Testing based on tipping curves for rolled sections or;
  3. Testing according to the simplified method.
Davy Otte

The simplified method is also a conservative method, which is strongly unfavorable compared to both tests based on lateral torsional buckling curves. Furthermore, little is known about the influence of an axial tensile force on the lateral torsional buckling and there are no calculation rules for this.

By approaching this subject, an attempt was made to give substance to the unfamiliarity and possibly also the lack of clarity about the combination of axial tension and lateral torsional buckling.